Building a Five-Star Interior for Star Building Materials

Building a brand-new store is like working with a blank slate: the sky and fresh square footage is the limit! Creating an optimized store layout and merchandising strategy from the get-go will have your new customers in awe and returning happily, driving positive ROI and a welcoming environment for all.

The Situation

Star Building Materials planned to build a new facility to house their head office and a new store in their home city of Winnipeg. Before we arrivedKnowing that an optimized store layout is crucial to happy customers, increased and positive sales, and present and productive sales staff, they understood the importance of incorporating an improved merchandising strategy and efficient fixtures into interior store layouts.

Being familiar with BMF’s reputation within the industry, Star Building Materials connected with us to help them with the ambitious endeavor of creating an efficient, enjoyable internal environment for their new store.

The Solution

During our initial discussion, we learned in depth about Star Building Material’s business objectives, products and services, client base, and their competitors. Being a true independent building materials store, getting things right the first time is a crucial component to maintaining returning customers and business success, so understanding these key segments was imperative.

We began with defining clear objectives and learning the need-to-have’s and want-to-have’s, creating initial concept designs, and refining our plan based on feedback from Star Building Materials. From there, we developed plans and presented them to key stakeholders, continuing our refinement as we received further input, and finally, putting the plan into action by implementing final designs and building the interior fixtures.

The Result

Star Building Materials is now equipped to open their 20,000 sq. ft new store this fall with the confidence and excitement that comes with knowing they’re delivering a seamless shopping experience for their clientele, complete with customer-centric internal merchandising fixtures designed to enhance their shopping experience.

Their BMF designed store fixtures are optimized to increase floor space and stock storage, and are built to beautifully display products as they intended.

Burlington Merchandising & Fixtures provides innovative merchandising solutions to both retailers and vendors with a focus on driving sales and profitability. Contact us today to get started!

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