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Smooth Sailing Ahead

Here's how to keep your store looking as good as it did the day you renovated it

Have you ever walked through a store during a grand opening and wandered about in awe and admiration, only to return a few months later to find disorder, dismay and disarray? Why is this? There may be lots of reasons, but the main culprit is human nature, namely a resistance to change and a lack of discipline. 

Smooth Sailing Ahead

It's All Relative

There's a lot more to designing a store than drawing a floor plan, setting up fixtures and filling them with product. A store is like a car. It’s a complex structure of integrated hardware and systems that all need to work together to achieve maximum performance. But unlike a car, which may not run if parts are missing, stores can sputter along, and that’s exactly what many do. That’s why thorough planning is critical.

It's All Relative

Store Renos: What Are They Good For?

Absolutely everything, if done correctly. In the first of a series of four articles, building centre veteran Robert Wilbrink explains how to plan and execute a store’s renovation. This issue: the link between redesigns and branding. 

The home improvement industry has been on a roll for several years now. But with a strong market comes greater competition. Box stores are making inroads in medium-size communities that just a few years ago were considered too small to support them. The friendly (or not- so-friendly) competitor across town is expanding his store and adding more selection. The Wal-Marts and enlarged Canadian Tires are taking pieces of market share that used to belong to the local independent dealers. 

Store Renos: What Are They Good For?

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