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by | Feb 16, 2019

At BMF we are seeing increasing demand for new ways to display products in-store as dealers and vendors seek to create the hands-on experience which differentiates them from the growing clutter online.  Retailers are paying more rigorous attention to what sku’s they carry and we find stores constantly updating and fine tuning assortments for maximum appeal.  This combined with professional displays and signage make it more likely sales will be completed in store.

Despite a slowing housing market and continued growth of online sales, dealers are having success by focusing on creating a more compelling shopping experience.

They continue to bring the back of their business closer to the front with effective displays of building materials.  Displays are also becoming easier to update with products and graphics that can be readily removed and replaced with the latest and greatest that vendors have to offer.

At BMF we’ve expanded our offerings of fabric signage to include halos, back lit LED options and even sales counters clad with fabric graphics.  These are easy to update on a seasonal basis to keep stores fresh and vibrant.   Video walls are becoming more popular as a way to create excitement, inform customers and help stores dial up their branding.

With the likelihood of a market slowdown there will be a temptation for industry players to slow down their investment.  History has shown however that those that take a longer-term view will continue to invest and gain market share as competitors dial back. Once the market turns back around they will be the ultimate winners.

BMF had another record year in 2018 which marked the sixth consecutive year on the Canadian Business list of Canada’s fastest growing companies.  We’ve just completed our fourth complete renovation south of the border and continue to ship fixtures which help our clients increase their US exports.

Our emphasis on innovation and tailored solutions is creating new sales at all levels of the supply chain.

Burlington Merchandising & Fixtures provides innovative merchandising solutions to both retailers and vendors with a focus on driving sales and profitability. Contact us today to get started!

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