Updating a Handle Display System


Background Information

The home improvement retailer made a strategic decision to update their lock display system and change the merchandising of these products to better support the way customers shop for locks. The biggest challenge was to come up with a single design to accommodate several brands despite their inherent internal differences.

The client wanted to deal with a single supplier who could provide a complete turnkey solution including design, supply, installation, and logistics to deliver on this important project. BMF designed and manufactured a handle display system that would effectively showcase the entire range of locks and handles. 

BMF’s Approach

BMF was involved in clearly defining design objectives by gathering preliminary ideas and helping to determine the overall merchandising vision.

Based on this input and BMF’s experience, initial design concepts were created and narrowed down with input from the client.

Computer modeling was used to confirm the functionality of the displays and to identify points of interference.  Prototypes were then developed to test, make refinements, and confirm the final version. 

The Solution

During the project, BMF engaged in concept development, and produced drawings, renderings, and prototypes. The design was optimized for ease of assembly, and to minimize variations to ensure flexibility so that future products could be easily updated at store level.

BMF manufactured spinners carousels and the plug-and-play lit display boxes. All locks were mounted onto display blocks in BMF’s facility and packaged for safe handling.  This required organizing and expediting vendor product shipments to meet tight timelines.

All mounted and built product was shipped to the client’s distribution center, ready to be picked and shipped to stores across Canada.  All displays were delivered on time with 100% accuracy.

The Results

Then final result was that the presentation of the locks was simplified, while creating a better balance between interior and exterior products by keeping them separated.

BMF designed a universal interior support mechanism which eliminated the need for the latch while maintaining full functionality. This avoids long-term wear and tear on the display. It also saved enough space to add a full family of product per 8’ bay.

The re-merchandising impact was so successful that the client decided to add an additional bay to the category at a number of stores six months after the initial roll-out.

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