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Where it Began

After years in the home improvement industry, Rob Wilbrink saw that large chains had the resources to overhaul their stores, while independent building supply dealers struggled with the absence of such support. Renovation projects for these independents often turned into logistical nightmares, involving multiple vendors and resulting in inefficiencies, budget overruns, and delays.

Recognizing that there must be a better way, he founded Burlington Merchandising & Fixtures (BMF) in 2003 to streamline the renovation process and empower independent lumber dealers to compete effectively with industry giants - drastically reducing the project duration and cost.

Our Solution

What We Offer

We're on a mission to help retailers across Canada and the United States build a better store effectively, efficiently, and profitably. Whether you're a retailer in lumber & building materials, sporting goods, pet supplies, footwear, books, or more, our strategic approach to store renovations and greenfield locations is designed to make the process seamless and successful. From initial planning to the final installation, we're by your side, ensuring every step contributes to the realization of your dream store.

For manufacturers and distributors looking for custom display solutions, we have you covered. Let us help you design and manufacture displays that increase product visibility to engage customers and maximize sell-through rates.


BMF retail specialists to support your renovation project.


stores renovated across Canada and the United States.

6+ Million

square feet of retail space optimized to create the ultimate customer experience.

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